Your Guide to Getting the Most Perfect Wedding Flowers

Flowers add allure and charm to any wedding festivity. They are essential to complement the bride’s beautiful wedding dress, the venue decoration, and the perfectly decorated cake. However, although it’s one of the favorite things to see in a wedding, it also proves to be one of the hardest items to decide on and put together for the wedding. You can’t just decide “I want roses and am going for them no matter what”. When choosing flowers for your wedding there are factors you should take into consideration. Here are tips to help you with your search.

Bring a Photo Of Your Inspiration to Your Florist

You need to show your inspiration, not just tell. Images speak louder than words. So, on your next visit to the florist, bring a photo of your inspiration or take a photo of your wedding gown and go with it. This will help him/her know your intended. Note: Your florist will appreciate the photos, but don’t expect him/her to create the exact look on the photos. Even though you have your own inspiration, florists strive to create a one of a kind look. Be open about what you like, but be flexible to changes particularly with regard to actual flowers.

Your Budget

budgeting for the wedding
Floral decorations and overall wedding decor take approximately 10% of the total wedding costs. From corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, the wedding venue to the reception. Sit down and evaluate your budget, to determine the amount of money you’re willing to spend on flowers. For instance, if your budget for flowers is $2000, talk to your florist who will help find flowers that are in your budget range. If you want flowers that will be out of season at the time of your wedding, be prepared to cough a little bit more. Also, count in the extras such as taxes, tips, transportation, setup etc.

Some Flowers May Be Out of Season

The season is a very crucial aspect when it comes to flowers and weddings. The availability of flowers varies from season to season, so keep in mind a season check when looking for flowers to beautify your wedding. Talk to your florist who will tell you the flowers that will be available. For instance, if you’re getting married during spring, there are lots of beautiful blooms available other than roses. Also, if you’re getting married during summer or outdoors, you need wedding flowers that will last.

Some Flowers Have Look-Alikes

If your intended flowers will be out of season, or you’ve seen that they are costly as compared to your budget, find other flowers that will achieve the same look. For example, garden roses (available all year round) can substitute peonies, sweet peas can be substituted with hydrangeas. Don’t have sleepless nights because your favorite flowers will be out of season, substitute them with their look-alikes!

Wrapping up, flowers are obviously a vital part of your big day. Thus, choosing the right wedding flowers can make a significant difference in the atmosphere you want to create for the overall wedding event. Even if you have your mind set on a certain type of flower or arrangement, keep your options open. It is possible to find other options that are just as special as your original choice.

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