How to Design the Best Wedding Bouquet

Aside from your makeup, veil and wedding dress, your guests’ eyes are also drawn to the item you’re carrying: your wedding bouquet. A bouquet plays a vital role in a wedding. It sets the tone and adds a splash of color to the event. A wedding bouquet is the best accessory to complement your stylish gown and your radiant smile, as well as provide a natural scent for the much-needed positive energy all through the day. However, when choosing your bouquet, there are various factors you need to take into consideration. You not only want it to look beautiful, but it should also suit you and blend in with your wedding theme. Here are essential tips to consider.

Choose The Wedding Dress First, Then Your Bouquet

It’s recommended to choose the wedding dress then go the bouquet. Why? Because a bouquet is the one that complements the bridal gown, and not the other way round. The floral components and design of the bouquet will depend greatly on the color, design, and style of your gown. When meeting with your florist, be sure to accompany a photo of your wedding gown with you. It will help you both settle for a bouquet that best fits your needs.

The Shape and Size Of Your Bouquet

The shape and size of the bouquet should complement the bride herself and other features of the dress. If the wedding gown has a bustle at the back, then you may want to balance this look with a more impressive bouquet. Petite brides are advised to carry a more dainty bouquet, such as nosegays or poseys. Taller women can go with a more abundant bouquet, such as larger nosegay or an arm bouquet or a more dramatic cascade. If your florist suggests a certain type, don’t be quick to object. Florists are professionals who are experienced in all matters concerning flowers. They can suggest flowers that will perfectly enhance your wedding dress and the whole event.

The Color Combination of the Bouquet and Your Bridal Gown

The latest trends have seen colored dresses grow in popularity. However, take care so that the color of your bouquet doesn’t clash with that of your wedding gown. There are dresses which may difficult to match with the same color flowers, such as white and off-white dresses. So, as mentioned earlier, bring a photo of your dress to the florist to help him/her design a perfect bouquet. Bouquet flowers are available in various colors ranging from white, pink, bluish, yellow etc. Consult with your florist first before making the final decision.

Go With Seasonal Flowers

You may want to carry your favorite flowers, but one thing you need to keep in mind is that not all flowers are available all year round. If you find that your favorite flowers are not available at that specific time of the year, don’t worry. You can always go with seasonal flowers. It’s advisable to speak to your florist and see what flowers will be in season during your wedding month. This way you will have an idea of the flowers you can have in your bouquet without worrying about whether they’ll be available or not. Just ensure that the seasonal flowers of choice don’t compromise your look and the theme of the event.

Choose a Comfortable Bouquet

Being the biggest day in your life, you may be very nervous. Thus, you want a bouquet that you can easily hold in your hands. To make sure that it’s comfortable, test it on one hand, below your hips and slightly away from you. It shouldn’t be too heavy such that you feel too uncomfortable to carry it down the aisle. A comfortable bouquet will ensure that you’re relaxed and you are in the best posture for excellent wedding photography.

Bouquets are one of the most important wedding accessories. They have a big impact on your look and you’ll see them in photographs for many years to come. Take the time to choose the bouquets that will add beauty and elegance to your big day.

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