Four Tips on Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers are a symbol of love and beauty in a wedding. They add a natural scent and color to the wedding ceremony, forming an integral part of the whole event. As a matter of fact, flowers can be the perfect guide to your wedding, from the first dinner, the proposal, the wedding day and the reception. However, choosing flowers that will align with your wedding dress and theme is not an easy task. It can even be confusing and disappointing if you’re no well-prepared in advance This article highlights some of the wedding flowers tips that can help you achieve your intended look.

Do The Necessary Research

Before talking to your florist, take your time and figure out some of the flowers you love and ones which you think can improve the look of your wedding venue. Two key things you may want to know are flower names and floral terms such as names of bouquets (posy, biedermeier, and cascade), some floral arrangements among other details. You can source your inspiration online or from wedding magazines. Doing your homework will make it easier for you and your florist to settle on a certain floral design that will suit your wedding dress and bridal gowns.

Pay Keen Attention To Your Venue

Before choosing your florals, keep your wedding venue in mind. For instance, if you’re getting married in a park, garden or vineyard, floral decorations may not be highly required. Choose wedding flowers that blend in with your venue. For instance, all white orchids may look out of place when used in a vintage venue. But on a beach, they look very elegant and amazing. Also, consider the table setting (long tables vs roundtables) to help you decide on the shapes and styles of the florals.

Seek Recommendations From Other Couples About Their Florists

women discussing florists
You want a florist who will design flowers that will magically transform your wedding ceremony. Why not talk to other couples and get recommendations? You can also browse wedding magazines and read their reviews online. If you are working with a wedding planner, then he/she can also suggest the best florists around. Make a list of potential ones, set up appointments and request to see their portfolio. You want someone who has the experience in designing florals for wedding events. You want someone who will bring out the best in your wedding dress. However, remember that florists are in high demand especially during the peak season. Start the process early and book one as soon as you can.

Not All Florists Are the Same

There are different types of florists. There are ones who simply designs bouquets for weddings, and there are others who double up both as full-feature florist/floral designers. If you want someone who will do both, then ask your potential florist if he/she can handle these two tasks. If you already have a floral designer, then a regular florist can work out for you. Just determine what you need, to help you figure out your budget and narrow down your search. Also, it’s important to note that floral designers may be costly as compared to florists.

Remember that wedding flowers not only improve the look of your venue, they also serve to complement your wedding dress. Therefore, consider the above tips for an overall wise choice!

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